Selden Cream Cleaner

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Selden Cream Cleaner x 500ml

Vitreous Enamel Association tested and approved. Superfine chalks reduce risk of scratching.

USES: Lemon Cream Cleaner is a premium grade cream cleaner with a light lemon perfume. Formulated to be used on vitreous enamel, Lemon Cream Cleaner is ideal for the rapid cleaning and polishing of all stainless steel, chrome, aluminium, and laminates.

DIRECTIONS: Apply lightly onto the surface to be cleaned. Buff to a shine with a clean cloth. Do not over apply.


  • Composition: An aqueous blend of nonionic and anionic surfactants, alkaline builders, a mild abrasive, dye, perfume and perfume.
  • Appearance: Viscous cream
  • Colour: Chalk
  • Viscosity: 7000cps pH: 10.5
  • Odour: Light lemon

Product Safety Sheet: SELDEN_C060_Cream Cleaner_500ml