Cleaning and janitorial machinery for hire

At WF Cascade we are able to provide a number of cleaning and janitorial machinery for hire. We only use premium brand machines to ensure the highest quality results and reliability. These can be hired by the day, week or weekend which ever suits your purpose.

For more details, advice or to enquire about hiring one of our machines, please visit our showroom, email us on on or call us on 01900 268448 and we will be happy to help.

Orbis 400 Rotary Machine

for cleaning and polishing hard floors

24 Hours: £30.00

+ 24 Hours: £10.00

5/7 Days: £65.00

Weekend: £50.00

Rug Doctor Quick Dry

carpet cleaning machine

24 Hours: £20.00

+ 24 Hours: £10.00

5/7 Days: £45.00

Weekend: £30.00

Whole Room Drier

whole room drier

24 Hours: £30.00

+ 24 Hours: £10.00

5/7 Days: £65.00

Weekend: £50.00

Air Mover

carpet and floor dryer

24 Hours: £15.00

+ 24 Hours: £12.00

5/7 Days: £40.00

Weekend: £20.00

Machinery Hire FAQs

Is identification (I.D) required to hire machinery?

Yes, one form of I.D is required from each category:

Appropriate forms of identification to provide proof of your home address

Note the items below must be less than three months old:

  • Utility Bill (Gas, Electricity, Telephone, Internet, Water)
  • Bank/Building Society Statement (no online/bank branch print-offs)
  • Credit Card Statement
  • Pension/Benefit/Family Credit letter statement ((showing current receipt of benefits)
  • Pay Slips (where employer’s and employee’s addresses are stated)

Appropriate forms of identification to provide proof of your signature

You will need to show one of the following, which must bear your signature:

  • Passport*
  • Driving Licence*
  • Bank Card
  • Credit Card
  • National Identity Card*
  • Police/Customs/Home Office/Warrant Card

Appropriate forms of Photo identification

  • Passport*
  • Driving Licence*

What are your hire agreement terms?

Hire Agreement Terms

An agreement made between the OWNER named in the schedule hereto (hereinafter called “the owner”) of the one part and the hirer named in the schedule hereto (hereinafter called the “hirer”) of the other part,

WHEREBY IT IS AGREED as follows :-

  1. The owner will let and the hirer will take on hire upon the following terms and conditions the goods described in the schedule hereto. The hirer shall be a mere bailee of the goods and no interest in them shall pass to the hirer.
  2. The hiring shall (subject to the provision of clause 8 hereof) commence and determine on the dates specified in the schedule
  3. Prior to the signing of this agreement, the hirer shall pay the deposit specified in the schedule.
  4. During the continuance of the hiring the hirer shall:
    • a) Keep the goods at the address of the hirer stated in the schedule and not sell, let or otherwise dispose of the goods nor part with possession of the same.
    • b) Indemnify the owner against loss of, or damage to, the goods, or any part thereof, arising from the negligence of the hirer or from the failure by the hirer to comply with the instructions, both written and verbal, supplied by the owner as to the correct operation of the goods.
    • c) Indemnify the owner against accidental loss or damage to the goods or any part thereof.
    • d) Keep the goods free from any charge lien distress execution or other legal process.
    • e) Keep the goods in good, and substantial repair and condition (fair wear and tear only excepted) and pay for the replacement of all missing, damaged or broken goods or parts thereof with goods or parts of equal quality and value.
    • f) Upon expiration of the period of hire, but in any case no longer than three months from the commencement of hire specified in the schedule, this agreement shall come to an end and the hirer shall, if required by the owner, deliver up the goods to the owner at the address stated above or at some other address as the owner shall specify or shall, at the option of the owner, make the goods available for collection by the owner at the premises where they are situated and the owner shall be entitled to enter upon such premises for the purpose of taking possession of the goods.
    • g) Pay the owner all expenses (including legal costs on a full indemnity basis) incurred by, or on behalf of the owner to enforce the provisions of this agreement.
  5. Failure to deliver up the goods punctually shall render the hirer liable to forfeiture of the deposit and hire charges shall continue at the rate for the time being applicable until the goods are returned to the owner as provided by Clause 4 f)
  6. Where the goods are used on property of the hirer or any third party which is stated by the owner in the instructions described in clause 4 b) to be unsuitable for use with the goods, then no liability shall attach to the owner either in contract or tort for loss or damage to the property.
  7. No relaxation forbearance or indulgence by the owner in enforcing any of the terms and conditions of this agreement nor the granting of time by the owner to the hirer to the hirer, shall prejudice or affect the rights and powers of the owner hereunder, nor shall any waiver of any breach operate as a waiver of any subsequent or continuing breach.
  8. The schedule hereto is that shown on the reverse side of this document.
  9. Machines are supplied in a clean condition and are expected to be returned clean.

Any machine returned in a dirty condition, will incur a cleaning charge to the hirer.

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